Hydraulic Pilot Control Valve

The hydraulic pilot control valve includes a hydraulic pilot control joystick, a hydraulic foot pedal, and a hydraulic joystick. Hydraulic pilot control joystick is a hydraulic control valve that controls the actuators in a hydraulic system through handle operation. It is usually used in applications that require manual control of hydraulic systems, such as construction machinery, ships, agricultural machinery, etc. The working principle of the joystick hydraulic valve is to change the position of the valve through the movement of the handle, thereby controlling the direction and flow of liquid flow. Hydraulic foot pedal is a valve that controls the hydraulic system through foot operation. It is typically used in applications that require manual operation or simultaneous control of multiple hydraulic actuators, such as lifting equipment. The working principle of the hydraulic foot pedal control valve is to change the state of the valve by stepping on different positions of the foot valve, thereby controlling the flow direction and flow rate of the liquid. A hydraulic joystick is a valve device used to control fluids, typically used in hydraulic, pneumatic, hydraulic, and other systems. The hydraulic control lever can adjust the flow rate, pressure, and direction of the fluid medium to achieve control of the system. Control valves are widely used in industries, agriculture, and other fields to control the flow direction, flow rate, and pressure of fluids to meet transportation and usage needs.