Hydraulic Motor

A hydraulic motor is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It drives the internal rotor or gear through the pressure and flow of hydraulic oil to achieve rotation, and converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Hydraulic motors are typically used in applications that require high torque and low speed, such as excavators, cranes, agricultural machinery, etc. There are various types of hydraulic motors, including gear type hydraulic motors, hydraulic axial piston type motors, hydraulic radial piston type motors, etc. Each type of hydraulic motor has its specific advantages and applicability, and factors such as required power, speed, torque, and flow rate need to be considered when selecting. Hydraulic motors play an important role in many industrial fields, with characteristics such as high efficiency, reliability, and durability, and are widely used in large mechanical equipment. Ningbo flag-up Hydraulic Co., Ltd. produces orbital hydraulic motoraxial piston motorhydraulic pto motor, etc