Electronic pilot control valve

The electric pilot control valve includes an electric pilot handle valve and an electric pilot foot valve. Electric pilot handle valve is a valve device in an electrical control system used to control hydraulic or pneumatic systems. This type of valve is usually controlled by electrical signals to achieve control over hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. It is usually used in industrial equipment, mechanical equipment, or other systems that require precise control. Electric pilot foot valve usually refers to a foot valve controlled by electrical signals, used to control pilot valves in hydraulic systems. This type of valve is commonly used in industrial equipment or machinery, and the operator can control the opening and closing of the pilot valve by stepping on the valve.Electric pilot control valve is a control element used in hydraulic systems, which uses electromagnetic force to control the flow of hydraulic fluid. This type of valve is commonly used to control the direction and speed of movement of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, and other hydraulic actuators. In industrial automation and mechanical equipment, electric pilot control valves play a crucial role in ensuring system stability and precise control.