Cartridge Valve&Oil Source Valve Block

Cartridge Valves is a valve used to control the flow of liquid or gas. It is usually installed in a pipeline system and can control the flow, pressure, and direction of the fluid. The Cartridge Valves are simple structure, convenient installation, and flexible operation. It consists of a valve body, valve cover, valve stem, etc. The valve core can be inserted or pulled out of the valve body to achieve the opening and closing of the valve.Our cartridge valves include proportional cartridge valve, threaded check valve, cartridge ball valve, electromagnetic cartridge valve, etc The refers to a device used to control the flow of oil in a hydraulic system. It is usually composed of valve body, valve core, spring and other components, and can control the inlet and outlet of hydraulic oil through the movement of the valve core. The oil source valve block is commonly used in industrial equipment, hydraulic systems, and mechanical equipment to control the switch and flow of the oil source to achieve normal operation of the hydraulic system.
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